Jeffrey Lafontant

Bass, Guitar, Piano, Ukulele, Drums, Ensemble Leader

Jeff is a multi-instrumentalist with bass being his principal. Naturally inclined to music, Jeff was accepted and attended Berklee with just under two years of private lessons. At Berklee, he studied under Rich Appleman, Fernando Huergo and Oscar Stagnaro while playing in rock and jazz ensembles. Jeff has been playing in the North Shore music scene for many years now and has become a very versatile musician, able to play numerous styles of music. Currently Jeff works as a music instructor and a freelance bassist who is in high demand.

As a teacher of music, Jeff believes in encouraging creativity and inquisitiveness in all of his students. Jeff has stated, “I always want my students to feel that they are getting as much as they can from our lessons, so I think it is very important for any student of mine to be an active participant. Whether learning a cover or writing an original piece, music is meant for self-expression; I simply provide the theory and technique to help accomplish this.”