Rates & Payment Options

Pricing (effective June 27, 2022)

  • $400 for 10 week session of 30-minute private lessons (paid by Credit Card)
  • $360 for 10 week session for 30-minute private lessons (receives a discount for payments made by cash, check or ACH withdrawal)
  • $45 for a single 30-minute private lesson
  • $90 for a single 60-minute private lesson

ACH Payment Option

ACH customers pay monthly installments on the first of each month.  Tuition is deducted directly from students’ checking account.

To enroll in the ACH program, please email us at: manager@marbleheadmusic.com to obtain the enrollment form.

Additional Payment Options

  • Cash or Check -> in the store (qualifies for a discounted rate)
  • Credit Card -> online, over the phone or in person