Welcome to the Marblehead-Salem School of Music!

Our schools are the BEST places to study music on the North Shore!

Bons 2011 Best of Boston 2013

We are now accepting registrations (Marblehead and Salem locations).   New students should complete a registration form.

At the Marblehead and Salem Schools of Music we strive to provide a total musical experience for each student. Drawing on the wide-ranging talents of our teaching staff, we are able to match student and teacher based on a variety of criteria, including; personality, learning style, goals and interests. As part of private lessons, all students are given the opportunity to collaborate with other musicians and to showcase their skills; either live, at a formal or informal recital, or in the recording studio.

We make lessons fun and our studios funky, but everything is rooted in pure, wholesome academics. We track student’s weekly progress in a password protected data base to make parent-teacher communication seamless. We take pride in the accomplishments of all of our students and view their growth both as individuals and as musicians as our success.

Give us a call or register on-line, and see for yourself

 Private Music Lessons Include:
Voice Lessons (Pop/Rock/Jazz/Opera)
Guitar (Electric/Acoustic/Classical)
Drums and Percussion
Bass (Upright and Electric)
Piano (Classical, Jazz, and Contemporary)
Violin, Viola  and Cello
Trumpet, Trombone, Clarinet, Saxophone, and Flute
Banjo, Ukulele and Mandolin
and more!

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