Music Theory Bootcamp

Music Theory Bootcamp – Virtual with Nicole EnRose
Dates: Wednesdays 9/14, 9/21, 9/28, 10/05, 10/12
Time: 7:00pm – 7:45pm
Location: Zoom
Cost: $200

Grasp the most critical aspects of music theory—the foundation of all music—in this interactive 5-week Bootcamp. Learn to read sheet music with accurate rhythms and pitch, explore different time signatures, melodic and harmonic structure, solfege, sight-reading, dynamics, musical interpretation, chord progressions and even the basics to writing your own composition. The introductory online Bootcamp will take place once a week in 40 minute intervals over 5 weeks. This course is designed to give anyone with no to limited knowledge of music theory a solid foundation. Space is limited to 10 students. Sign up now to reserve your space! 

Learning to read music:

  1. Empowers a student to become a better musician, to perform with accuracy in all settings, and enhances the ability to be able to collaborate with others.
  2. Promotes an understanding of how any song is supposed to be performed.
  3. Develops skills to be able to compose songs
  4. Makes your brain bigger! When you read music, your ability to learn expands 
  5. Activates nearly all regions of the brain and keeps networks strong, including those that are involved in well-being, learning, cognitive function, quality of life, and happiness.
  6. Creates an understanding of how music works together 
  7. Creates a stronger, more well-rounded and diverse musician. 
  8. Enhances analytical skills
  9. Relaxes an agitated mind
  10. Improves memory
  11. Enhances and maintains fine motor skills
  12. Helps to maintain focus
  13. Those who read and study music perform better in math and science subject areas. 75% of Silicon Valley tech workers know how to read sheet music.
  14. Boosts confidence in performance and … it’s fun!

Plus so much more! 

Note: Designed specifically for voice and instrumental students, this online course curriculum was developed by one of our instructors, Nicole EnRose, who has extensive experience in music curriculum development in both public and private schools.