Online Lessons

About Online Lessons

Due to the health crisis, Marblehead School of Music now offers online music lessons.

This is an op-in program for current and new students. Email for more information.


  • The MSOM office will be responsible for all scheduling and notifications. Teachers cannot change or modify schedules.
  • You will be billed for any scheduled lessons
  • Per our regular policy, please direct any scheduling questions/changes to the office
  • The instructor will attempt to contact you only at your scheduled time
  • If you are not available during the scheduled time, we will NOT reschedule, however you will receive a lesson via email from the music manager
  • If there is a connection or equipment problem, we will reschedule.

Online Lesson Policies

  • Teachers will contact students via Skype handles, not personal phone numbers or email.
  • Any correspondence outside the lesson time should be made through the school office via phone or manager email.
  • Please do not contact the teacher directly.

How To Download and Use Skype

Studio Setup


Tips For Getting The Most Out Of Your Lesson