Caitlin Hartig

Piano, Viola, and Violin

Caitlin has spent the majority of her life cultivating a deep passion for music in herself and others. She began taking piano lessons at age 5 and viola lessons at age 8; she has been inseparable from her instruments ever since. Caitlin graduated from Penn State University with a Bachelor of Musical Arts degree in Viola Performance and with a Secondary Instrument in Piano. Caitlin has played viola professionally in the Williamsport Symphony Orchestra (Pennsylvania) and in the Greater Grand Forks Symphony Orchestra (North Dakota). Her orchestral performances have taken her to The Kimmel Center, Heinz Hall, and Carnegie Hall. Furthermore, Caitlin is an active performer and has put on both solo and group recitals, in which she has performed in Massachusetts, Maine, New York, Pennsylvania, and Nevada. She is constantly seeking to grow and expand her skills, learn new repertoire, and perform publicly every handful of months. In addition to her orchestral and classical performances, Caitlin has a deep enjoyment of show tunes; she has performed viola and piano in pit orchestras for musicals. Moreover, Caitlin loves collaborating with other like-minded artists for pop music and chamber music concerts and performances.

In addition to her deep love for music and performing, Caitlin has a strong desire to teach and pass along her musical skills and knowledge to eager students of all ages. With 10 years of teaching experience under her belt, her main objective for her students is to cultivate in them a deep and unwavering love of music, just like her teachers cultivated in her. Caitlin uses positivity, confidence, enthusiasm, patience, and leadership skills to encourage and uplift her students towards musical productivity, accomplishment, and excellence. She encourages her students to believe in an abundance of opportunities in the music industry and to become part of a fun, compassionate, and tight-knit musical community of supportive individuals.